Bill Coloe

Bill Coloe is a Sr. Front End Optimization Engineer at Lovevery, where he is responsible for designing and implementing A/B tests that help increase conversion rates, improve user experience, and identify areas for optimization.

Throughout his career, Bill has gained valuable experience working for several digital optimization startups, where he has developed high-quality A/B tests for Fortune 500 clients using a range of technical stacks and tools. In addition to his technical expertise, Bill has also served as a mentor to junior and mid-level developers, helping them improve their skills and advance in their careers. He is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments and continuously learning and growing in his role.

In his free time, Bill can be found enjoying a variety of hobbies like playing floorball, cooking delicious meals, and gaming to his heart's content. He's also the brains behind "Fat Cattitude," a small T-shirt company that brings all the best cat memes to life on comfortable, stylish clothing.

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