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Best Remote Jobs for

Best Remote Jobs For Beginners

Reviewed By Product Expert and Coach
Elizabeth Hogue
June 3, 2024

What makes a job remote?

Since the pandemic, "remote" jobs are more accessible than ever. This makes it easier to live in a low cost of living city, or travel the world without extended periods of no pay. There are 3 main distinctions here: fully remote, work-from-home and hybrid.

Hybrid is what it sounds like: a mix of office and work from home. This is not a "remote" setup, but sometimes companies will tag their hybrid jobs as remote. Don't fall for it.

Work-from-home is even trickier, because these jobs are technically "remote," but you're required to stay put. This sometimes happens when a company does not want to keep track of you for tax or security purposes.

Fully remote jobs are what we'll focus on here, so you can get your world-traveler (or just move) on. It's important to make this distinction in interviews and role searches, as many companies prefer you stay at "home," despite the job being listed as remote.

Besides customer service and sales, most remote jobs are in the tech industry. This is because the main tool required is a laptop!

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Our Favorite Remote Jobs for Beginners

Project Manager

Project managers work to organize business projects and help teams collaborate. This is a great job for teachers or veterans, as many of the skills (organization, interpersonal communications, logistics) translate 1:1.

The primary tasks of project managers include project sequencing and planning, budgeting time and expenses, and making sure team members have the tools and materials needed to be successful at their jobs.

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UX Researcher

UX Researchers work to identify user friction with applications and websites by using qualitative and quantitative data. This is such a fun gig for those who studied psychology or sociology, or anyone curious who is interested in identifying problems all day.

The primary tasks of a UX researcher include conducting user interviews, aggregating survey responses, and presenting data to their larger teams.

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Product Analyst

Product Analysts work with quantitative data to identify user flows and drop offs with an application or website. This is a great gig for curious individuals who are more mathematically inclined, and enjoy thinking through logic problems to create segments to grab the right chunks of data. This one takes a little more training, but we recommend the Google Sponsored Data Analytics certificate to learn everything you need to know in as little as 2 months.

The primary tasks of product analysts include digging and synthesizing data, creating dashboards to show off findings, and brainstorming ways to improve user experiences using the data they gathered.

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Recruiters work to inspire other workers to come and join a specific company. While recruiters often specialize in certain fields, beginning as a recruiter can be a wide open field. This is a perfect job for people on the more social side of the spectrum, who enjoy emailing and talking to others all day.

The primary tasks of recruiters include scheduling/sourcing candidates for specific roles, writing job descriptions, and working with hiring managers to make sure everyone gets their ideal career scenario.

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Do I need a degree for a remote/IT job?

While "tech" roles may seem more, well, technical, most of these jobs actually do not require a traditional degree. In fact, sometimes they're even discouraged!

Since the tech field is still relatively new, and always changing, traditional degrees do not focus on real life applications that a lot of these jobs require as day to day activities. It's almost impossible to get experience in these roles without having a mentor, or a company that takes a chance on you.

But that's where we come in.

If you're new here to bridged, we're glad to meet you! We are huge fans of alternate forms of education, and recommend specific certifications to target skills. While this job works great with degrees, you have other options. Learn more about Micro Certifications.

Systematically tackling a new job

We recommend spending some time thinking about what you'd like to get out of a remote job. What aspects about remote jobs are important to you. If you plan to travel, we recommend prioritizing jobs that do not have a lot of meetings so you aren't dealing with timezone changes. If you're working from home for personal reasons, this may not be a problem. But think about it.

Next, we recommend researching jobs that align with your skills and experiences. We've made it easy here at bridged to browse common jobs that cool companies have. After you've picked a job, we recommend using our free career coaching platform to keep track of your progress in establishing skills.

Learning on the job is one of the fastest ways to get familiar with new topics, and showing is much better than telling. Explore our beta career coach to research job roles and necessary skills to keep track of your career planning. Learn More Here.

Some Great Questions When Job Hunting:

  • Do I mind being in a lot of meetings?
  • Do I truly want to be "remote," or have the option of an office/hybrid?
  • What are my motivations for switching to a remote job?

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Elizabeth Hogue
Bridged Cofounder & Product Coach
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