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Difference Between

Difference Between UX an CX

Reviewed By User Experience Expert and Coach
Lisando Pat
June 3, 2024

Understanding User Experience: UX Definition and Examples

In short, "user experience" is working with what a user engages with-- including things like usability, accessibility, information hierarchy and engagement pathing.

A user is anyone who interacts with the product, whether or not they choose to become a customer. The roles that work in user experience often fall under the product umbrella. This includes UX designers, UX researchers, and product analysts. These are often more specialized roles than people who work in CX and require various hard skills like design and software engineering (though there are exceptions!).

UX is often coupled with UI in role descriptions-- this is because user experience and user interface are often closely related. User experience is the backbone of how the user engages with the site, while UI is how the site is styled and branded.

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Understanding Customer Experience: CX Definition and Examples

"Customer experience" refers to the experience and support a user gets from the company, often post-purchase. By definition, a "customer" is someone who has gone through the user experience and decided to consume from the brand. Their experience comes after their experience as a user, and often heavily impacts how they perceive the company for future purchases.

Customer experience often involves things like packaging, delivery and order support. This may also involve any communications, including email or phone services. While these jobs still technically fall under the "tech" umbrella, they're often serviced by operations departments. This could include a call or chat center, or a customer support specialist role.

Key Differences Between User and Customer Experience

To recap-- user experience is how the user interacts with the website or platform. This can be any user, from someone casually browsing to a determined purchaser. Any actions they take before consuming would fall into user experience, and this is usually covered by a role on a product team.

In contrast, customer experience is the users' post-purchase experience. This is often relates to order or customer support. These roles are often serviced by an operations or customer support team.

Intersection of UX and CX

While UX and CX are distinct concepts, they intersect in many ways. A positive UX can contribute to a positive CX, and vice versa. For example, a user-friendly website with a seamless checkout process can contribute to a positive customer experience, while excellent customer service can enhance the user's overall experience.

The Importance of Considering Both UX and CX

For a comprehensive approach to product design and customer satisfaction, it's important to consider both UX and CX. By focusing on both, businesses can create a positive and memorable experience for customers, build brand loyalty, and drive success.

While User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) have distinct focuses and objectives, they are closely related and can have a significant impact on product design and customer satisfaction. By understanding the key differences and considering both in product design and customer interactions, businesses can create a positive and memorable experience for customers and drive success.

Lisando Pat
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