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Best Part-Time Remote Jobs

Reviewed By Product Expert and Coach
Elizabeth Hogue
September 23, 2023

Criteria for Part-Time Online Jobs

Working remotely is one of the greatest things that came out of the pandemic, but most of those jobs are full-time. We've rounded up the best flexible work-from-home jobs to help you make extra money while learning the skills for a full time role.

While some roles are flexible and full time, part-time jobs do not require a set amount of hours or salaried pay. They are often paid by the hour, or by task completion. The definition of "part-time" can be fuzzy, so we've thought of some criteria to help with questions during your search.

Our roles below:

  • Can be completed from anywhere in the world (though some require a US address)
  • Do not require a set amount of hours
  • Are paid by the hour, or by completed task
  • Can be done at any time of day
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Our Favorite Part-Time Remote Jobs

Can be broken into a few categories.

Research / Survey Jobs - Get Paid for Giving Companies Your Opinions.

Virtual Assistant Jobs - Help Businesses Complete Tasks.

Teaching Jobs - Speak in English Overseers, or be a Virtual Tutor.

Research Study / Survey Part-Time Jobs

Get paid for your opinions by signing up for a few survey sites. The surveys are often put together by UX Researchers at large companies, and are looking for ways to improve their products-- so don't be surprised if you see surveys from brands you know! These sites usually pay by survey/task completion, so motivated users can make a significant amount of money quickly.  Most companies pay via PayPal or giftcards at the end of a set period.

Usertesting is probably the most popular research study tool for brands and users alike. This means you'll never run dry with new tests. Usertesting has lots of different study options, including some full-blown moderated user interviews with a company researcher. Payment depends on the amount of time and effort, but it's a great start for flexible work.

Hourly Rate: Anywhere from $10-$50 per completed study. Tasks can range anywhere from 10-30 minutes. This makes the rate around $30/hour.

Sign Up for Usertesting Here


Userbrain is our favorite, because all studies can be completed at your own pace on your own timeline. On Userbrain, you'll download an extension that allows you to record your screen, and walk through specific written instructions like "Go find yxz product and tell us about it. What could make this better?" These are always unmoderated (meaning no-researcher), and can be completed quickly if you're efficient.

Hourly Rate: Flat rate of $5 per completed study. Tasks can range anywhere from 5-20 minutes, which means an hourly rate of roughly $15-$50/hour.

Sign Up for Userbrain Here


Userlytics is a lot like Usertesting, with a fun twist. After signing up, you'll complete a profile around your interests and demographics. Once that's completed, you'll start being invited to studies. We love this because you can passively accept invitations, instead of spending time seeking out relevant studies. The con of this is if you're trying to make a bunch quick, the invitations may come at a slower rate. We recommend signing up for all 3 study sites!

Hourly Rate: Anywhere from $5-$90 per completed study. Tasks can range anywhere from 5 minutes - an hour, which means an hourly rate of roughly $15-$50/hour.

Sign Up for Userlytics Here


SurveyJunkie is probably the quickest option for research studies, and just involves taking online surveys for brands. There are no tasks to complete, just quick thoughts and multiple choice questions. The pay rate reflects this, but if you're in the mood to take a bunch of tests, this one is for you!

Hourly Rate:
Surveys pay anywhere from $0.50-$3 per survey, and take around 3-5 minutes to complete. This could put you in the range of $30/hour.

Sign Up for SurveyJunkie Here

Virtual Assistant Part-Time Jobs

Get paid to help companies or small business owners with tasks they don't have time for themselves. These are also very lucrative part-time opportunities, but sometimes require more experience than research studies. Some tasks may include scheduling appointments, keeping books, or managing timelines/budgets. If you're looking for a full-time gig with similar requirements, check out Project Management.


Belay is consistently ranked one of the top places to work by companies like Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and FlexJobs. They are always hiring for virtual assistants, book-keepers, and social media managers. The positions are all 1099 and hourly, so can't hurt to apply now!

Hourly Rate: $16-$25

Apply for Belay Here


HiByron is great for flexible tasks like data entry, scheduling, transcription and more. The best thing about HiByron is that you can select what tasks you like to do, then complete them whenever as long as you beat the required deadlines. Our favorite part: there is no hours requirements for HiByron, so you can work anywhere from 1 -160 hours/month!!

Hourly Rate: $12-$15

Apply for HiByron Here

Fancy Hands

The only qualification for Fancy Hands is a speedy internet connection. If you have that, you're good to go! Tasks include basic things like scheduling, research (hotels, flights, etc), and making phone calls. We love how Fancy Hands pays per task, and their task tracking tool is next level. The starting pay is $3-$7 per task completion, and this adds up!

Hourly Rate: $18-$27

Apply for Fancy Hands Here


Zirtual is great because it creates new To-Do lists and assigns new clients/tasks almost every day. Workload is primarily based on client's inboxes, and can range from research, travel planning, scheduling, and any other personal assisting tasks. Zirtual requires their assistants to have at least 2 YOE in administrative work.

Hourly Rate: $17-$23

Apply for Zirtual Here

Time etc Assistants

We love Time etc, but this is borderline full-time remote work. They prioritize assistants with 5-8 YOE in some sort of administrative work, and increase rates as retention bonuses. This is a very established virtual assistant company that's won several awards, and served more than 22,000 clients.

Hourly Rate: $13-$17

Apply for Time Etc Here

Teaching Part-Time Jobs

Teaching Part-Time Jobs

Get paid to teach kids English online with very little teaching experience, or tutor younger kids in a tricky field. VIPKid and Starkid do not require much (if any) experience, but BookNook requires either 3 YOE teaching or 1 YOE tutoring. If you come from an education background, these could be great part-time options for you!

If you're an educator looking for a full-time remote gig, check out our recommendations Best Remote Jobs for Teachers.


VIPKid was once named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies for its innovative way of teaching kids English language. VIPKid allows you to set your own schedule and teach when you want, with little to no experience required. While they do sign on tutors for 6 month contracts, there is no hourly obligation and you can take weeks off without issue. They provide all lesson plans, and no foreign language skills are required due to their immersion process. Thank us later!

Hourly Rate:

Apply for VIPKid Here


StarKid is an almost identical program to VIPKid. We recommend applying for both to see who offers you a better rate. StarKid also allows you to set your own schedule and has no hourly obligation. They provide ready-to-use materials, and also do not require foreign language skills. StarKid has a unique pay structure of $10 per 30 minute class-- and a bit more if you have teaching experience.

Hourly Rate:

Apply for Starkid Here

We recommend spending some time thinking about what you'd like to get out of a remote job. What aspects about remote jobs are important to you. If you plan to travel, we recommend prioritizing jobs that do not have a lot of meetings so you aren't dealing with timezone changes. If you're working from home for personal reasons, this may not be a problem. But think about it.

Next, we recommend researching jobs that align with your skills and experiences. We've made it easy here at bridged to browse common jobs that cool companies have. After you've picked a job, we recommend using our free career coaching platform to keep track of your progress in establishing skills.

Learning on the job is one of the fastest ways to get familiar with new topics, and showing is much better than telling. Explore our beta career coach to research job roles and necessary skills to keep track of your career planning. Learn More Here.

Some Great Questions When Job Hunting:

  • Do I mind being in a lot of meetings?
  • Do I truly want to be "remote," or have the option of an office/hybrid?
  • What are my motivations for switching to a remote job?
Elizabeth Hogue
Bridged Cofounder & Product Coach
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